178 Handside Lane, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL8 6SZ
Tel: 01707 323 250

Welcome to Welwyn Garden City Dental Referral Centre

Welwyn Garden City dental referral centre is a referral clinic for dental practices serving patients in Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding area of Hertfordshire. We have experienced and highly qualified dental practitioners who can provide advanced dental solutions to patients.

Our team provide advice and treatment in the following specialisations:

Endodontics or root canal treatment

Prosthodontics (restorative/cosmetic dentistry)

Periodontal treatments or Gum treatment


The Welwyn Garden City Referral Team regularly teach and lecture at hospitals and medical schools in both London and Hertfordshire ensuring that they are able to provide the most up to date dental solutions.

Our aim to provide the highest standard of advanced dental care in a relaxing environment, using state of the art equipment and techniques, returning each patient to their usual practice for general and ongoing care.

On your patient’s first visit, they will be welcomed to the surgery for an initial consultation so we can assess them and decide on the best course of treatment. We will then explain what they can expect to happen during the treatment and afterwards.

We will always take care of your patients to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, with intravenous sedation available for nervous patients.

We are continually investing in new dental technology such as a Global G4 dental microscope for our endodontist to provide patients with the best possible preparation, disinfection and filling of the root canals we also have an affiliation with a number of specialist centres to carry out I-CAT cone beam CT scans and OPG x-rays. We can therefore achieve excellent clinical results and the best outcome for our patients.